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While the buying and selling process is the same regardless if you are selling directly as an owner (FSBO) or hiring a listing agent, there are certain details that vary deal-to-deal where it pays to have the help of an experienced broker.

The main steps to consider through the entire process are:

  • Choosing a Listing Agent

  • Checking your Finances

  • Getting Home Ready for Sale

  • Marketing Your House

  • Receiving Purchase Offers and Negotiating

  • Planning the Appraiser Appointment

  • Preparing for a Home Inspection

  • Procurement and Seller-Required Inspections

  • Supplying Seller Disclosures

  • Negotiating Requests for Repair

  • Working with the Buyer to Release Contingencies


With so many important details at stake, and most importantly your investment, STRATA is there to help you in making the best decision.  

We carefully review your options and do whatever it takes to meet your expectations.  Our main service area is Twin Cities, but we also cover the greater southern Minnesota and we are able to help you in making a decision.  

I am an experienced consultant and give my best with such technical requirements. I always encourage my customers to ask questions and then provide details to the best of my knowledge. My knowledge and eye for detail enables me to identify and fix the slightest of the issues before involving any of my clients directly.

You can contact me through phone or email, whichever you are comfortable with, or visit my office to better understand the nature of buying and selling process. My office is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and I am available by phone anytime at 651-252-4302.

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