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Buying or selling a home can be very stressful and it is important to trust the agent you choose to help you through this process. You will be required to negotiate and complete complex contracts, both of which can lead to undesirable outcomes if you are not familiar with the process. More often than not we end up getting confused with all the available realtor options and information on how to sell your home. You don’t know who or what to trust anymore.

STRATA is a name you can trust. At STRATA our main goal is to provide our clients a stress-free, money saving home buying or selling experience. STRATA's agents help our clients navigate the often hectic home buying and selling process using our transparent, no pressure services allowing them to feel confident in every decision made along the way. We believe good news should travel fast, but bad news faster and we always act for our client’s best interests.

STRATA Real Estate Resources serve the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. This includes all Twin Cities suburbs from Eagan to Anoka and Woodbury to Edina. Our focus is to ensure that you are happy with the decision you make. Buying and selling a home in Twin cities can be stressful. Our goal here is to take your pain and deliver you with the best possible options, keeping in mind your priorities and requirements.

We Care!

At STRATA we treat all of our clients like family and treat the transaction as if it is one of our own homes. Our goal isn't to make a fast commission. Our main concern is our clients’ happiness and we never pressure our clients to buy a home they do not like or sell their home for a lower price than they expect. We make sure we are always working hard to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Our services always put the client fist and are based on:

Your Own Consultant!

With us, the transaction is all about YOU! We focus on what you want and we aim to reach your requirements. This is a strategy based on the area, location, house and its availability. Our agent-based services take care of every step of the process while our facilitator services can be tailored to only meet your needs.

You need to have someone who identifies your neighborhood, knows the community and has the mandatory experience to sell and buy on your behalf. We determine the best asking price for your home. We also ensure you receive regular updates once you sign us up for selling and buying as it is to keep you involved each step of the way. With SRATA your buying or selling experience will be exceptional. Our agent-based services take care of every step of the process while our facilitator services can be tailored to only meet your needs.


Thinking of selling or buying your property? We are just a call away! Contact Strata to see how we can help you with your next real estate transaction at +16512524302.








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