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Strata Real Estate offers completed purchase agreements and transactional support for $499.

Using our online forms and guidelines, the process to request a purchase agreement is quick and easy and the purchase agreements are often ready in less than 24 hours. 

Click the "Fill Out Form" button or call 651-252-4302 for more information.

Are you in need of a purchase agreement or find yourself in any of the following circumstances?

"Selling your home to a family member or buying a home from one"

"Buyer and Seller know each other and have already decided the terms"

"Divorcing and buying the home from your ex-spouse?"

"Your lender needs a completed purchase agreement to start the lending process"

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Things to consider when buying a home

Here are some important information and the milestone to consider in the home purchasing process.

Types of Financing

Things to consider when buying a home

Down Payment

If using financing, buyers need to show this value in the purchase agreement to show sellers how strong their financing is (more down is better). This amount will be determined by the buyer’s available funds and borrowing strength and the final amount should agree with the lender’s requirements.


Buyers and sellers need to be aware of “hidden” costs that can come along with a property. Most often these arise in the form of past due taxes, past and current assessments, both public and private (HOA). 

Earnest Money

Earnest money is money the buyer puts down on the property before it closes to show they are serious about buying the property. Typically, earnest money is equal to ~1% of the purchase price.
The money is held in escrow until the deal is completed a nd goes towards the purchase price.

Various Types of Financing

The types of loans that are most often: conventional, DVA, FHA, USDA, but can also be hard money or non conventional. Home sellers prefer conventional loans or cash oers as the have less stringent approval requirements from the lender.


Getting a mortgage pre approval is one of the firrst steps that should be taken when deciding to purchase a home. A mortgage pre-approval uses your veried credit score, bank statements, and employment to determine how much you can borrow to purchase a home. Home sellers should insist that any offers requiring funding include a pre-appoval letter.

Home Inspection

All but the most educated buyers should include a home inspection contingency in their offer. This allows the buyer a limited time (~7 days) to complete a private inspection to ensure there are no hidden defects with the home. Once completed, the buyer can proceed, cancel the offer, or adjust the offer according to what was reported.

Closing Date

The day of transfer is first defined in the offer. The seller can ask for it to change if necessary. If using financing,  the closing date should typically be 30+ days after the purchase agreement is signed due to the lender’s approval process. Cash transactions can happen within a few days of a purchase agreement being signed.

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